PPB International USA Real Estate Mentorship

Our PPB International USA Real Estate Mentorship program is meticulously crafted for you, the elite international real estate agent or investor, seeking to excel in the U.S. real estate market. This program is your gateway to enhancing business growth across international borders.

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Eligibility Criteria

Professional Experience:

You are an ideal candidate if you're ready to evolve into a global real estate authority, typically with at least three years of real estate experience.

Personal Growth:

Your openness to coaching and commitment to extensive personal development are crucial. You should be prepared for significant mindset shifts to align with top international real estate experts.

Commitment to Time and Resources:

You must be willing to invest the necessary time and financial resources. This commitment is an investment in your future, with the potential of earning an executive real estate referral bonus to offset the program costs

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Global Citizen

Join Elizabeth on a journey that transcends borders. Elizabeth's rich tapestry of experiences spanning from the vibrant streets of Beijing to the historical charm of Prague, and having lived in culturally diverse nations like Canada and France, Elizabeth brings a unique international perspective to her mentorship program.

Her insights are not just confined to the strategies and markets; they are enriched by her global adventures and deep understanding of various cultures. Although her roots began in Palm Beach, her experiences have taken her across the world, offering a broadened view that's invaluable when navigating the complexities of both the U.S. market and beyond. Elizabeth's global journey makes her mentorship an extraordinary fusion of local expertise and international wisdom.

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Program Outcomes

We are dedicated to providing you the attention you deserve. When you work with us, we are there for you. To us, you are more than just a client – you’re a partner in the process.

Building Your International Network

Develop a robust and engaging global network that reflects your personal and professional style.

Mastering Client Acquisition

Enhance your skills in strategies and techniques essential for attracting new clients in the U.S. real estate

Coaching and Referral Selection Skills

Acquire effective client coaching
techniques and learn to select knowledgeable Referral Realtors for Foreign National clients.

Developing Niche Expertise

Expand your knowledge in international real estate to establish yourself as a recognized local expert in this specialized field.

Confidence through Expertise

Learn the skills and knowledge necessary for securing international real estate referral contracts, enhancing both your international and local business operations.

Understanding Investor Needs

Deepen your insight into the specific requirements of Canadian and international property investors to provide customized and effective services.

Becoming an International Real Estate Expert

Master skills for thriving in international real estate. In 2023, Canadians alone invested $6 billion in U.S. properties, illustrating the market's vast potential. Position yourself at the heart of these lucrative global referral transactions.

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Program Deliverables

Making a mark in a new market is no small feat, but with PPB International you're setting the stage for monumental success. Our mentorship program is not just about understanding the U.S. real estate market; it's about mastering it, leveraging international insights for local success, and building a legacy that spans continents.


• Three months of personalized coaching.
• Eight 60-minute individual Zoom sessions with Elizabeth Hoadley
• Access to an Exclusive Online Video Course
• Bi-weekly group coaching calls for individualized teachings and addressing unique challenges
• International Community

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• Three months of personalized coaching.
• One 60-minute individual Zoom session with Elizabeth Hoadley
• Access to an Exclusive Online Video Course
• Bi-weekly group coaching calls for individualized teachings and addressing unique challenges
• International Community

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Exclusive Online Course

• Lessons
• Training
• Assignments
• Templates
• Online Support

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• LIVE ZOOM EVENTS and Recorded Interviews with Realtors from:
• North America | South America | Europe | Asia | Africa | Australia

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