Winthrop House Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

Palm Beach’s Iconic Winthrop House is enviably located at the corner of Worth Avenue and South Ocean Blvd.

Do you like being pampered? Enjoy Old World white-glove concierge treatment, the Winthrop House is one of the island’s top, full service buildings.

Watch the sunrise and listen to the waves from your balcony at The Winthrop House.  Spend the morning at the beach via your private tunnel which leads you directly to the sandy beaches under South Ocean Boulevard.   For lunch, you can stroll down the avenue and grab a quick lunch and do a little shopping. When you return home, you can take a dip in the pool and sit under your pergola. Evening arrives, enjoy walking to dinner at Renato’s, Bice, Taboo, Bricktops and more. The Winthrop is luxury resort living in the heart of Palm Beach.

You will be pampered by Old World white-glove concierge treatment, the Winthrop House is one of the island’s top, full service buildings.  Winthrop House is for discerning owners. It is an impeccable building with beautiful landscaping and exemplary staff.

“I moved to the Winthrop House for its Worth Avenue walkability. I love being in the heart of the island.

“We have social gatherings where we can meet our fellow residents ~ I enjoy our new friends.”

Once you live here, you will have access to their private beach tunnel that offers privacy and safety for residents, state of the art gym, sun deck, newly renovated pool with shaded pergolas, and fully enclosed garage parking.

Built in 1970, there are 8 floors and 122 units.

The Winthrop House is a Pet Friendly building with weight and breed restrictions. Vehicle restrictions, no trucks, motorcycles. 10% minimum down, all residents and tenants must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Leases are allowed once every two years and must be no more than two months or longer than two years.

When you enter the Winthrop House, you will feel Old Palm Beach in everything you see.

The lobby walls are covered in beautiful Old Florida Pecky Cypress.

Pecky Cypress is a very special wood; sadly, many of the trees were over 1,000 years old when they were cut down for lumber in old Florida.

Now they are a protected species, but when Florida was first developed, it was culled in the everglades and was commonly used for building.  A Pecky Cypress tree has very distinctive long tubular holes in the wood that were caused by a wood rotting shelf fungi.  The tubular hollows have, in nature’s special way, been one of their saving graces through the years.  Cypress tress grow in shallow waters and have shallow root systems, therefore when they are riddled with holes, it makes the tree lighter and less likely to fall over and perish.

There are other treasures that you will enjoy at the Winthrop House.  As you walk past the lobby, you will enjoy the common room which has been classically decorated.

You can check for active Winthrop House listings on this website.   If you are interested in learning more about The Winthrop House, please phone Owner, Broker of Purely Palm Beach Real Estate, Elizabeth Hoadley  561-635-8149.